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Success Stories & Testimonials

What Recruiters Say

"After a 3 month internal search by the client, they handed it over to us....within 72 hours of introduction of the credentials, your candidate was interviewed and was the only serious candidate through the entire process. Very big fan of the site because of the quality of the candidates provided."

-- Contingency Search Firm

"ExecuNet is an effective, high quality resource which taps into a large, difficult to reach, and generally under-valued talent pool."

-- David Morris, Former Chairman, IACPR

"ExecuNet's database was very effective in helping me to find and place a regional sales manager for the Northeast. The database and job board are great tools to be used by executive recruiters."

-- Owner, Executive Search Agency

"Given their commitment to quality and professionalism, it is not surprising to me that [ExecuNet] has emerged as the premier executive job and career information network in the country. ExecuNet has served me well as a key resource in candidate identification (several ExecuNet members have filled positions with us)...ExecuNet has filled an important role in helping to build a very effective bridge between those of us seeking talent for our clients and talented people seeking new challenges."

-- Donald Duckworth, Former Chmn & CEO, Horton Intl.

"I am an Executive Recruiter in the Metro Detroit area and have been utilizing ExecuNet for about six months. I have talked with some outstanding candidates since my association with ExecuNet. I had one candidate who was a finalist for President of a Bank position, and I just placed a CFO with a Biotech firm in the Midwest with an ExecuNet member. I had 6 very strong candidates from ExecuNet with 4 candidates going in for interviews. This placement was one of the largest in our firm's history! I have some great additions to my database, and I look forward to talking with several more qualified candidates in the future. Thanks for a great site!"

-- Sr. Consultant, Dickson Assoc.

"I have been very pleased with high caliber candidates that I have received from Execunet. I have placed candidates from ads that I posted and also have many that have interviewed and were finalists in the searches. It is a main source for my company now!"

-- Jill Kitterman, President, National Search, Inc.

"I have posted on Execunet for several years and thought you might enjoy this. A major client had CFO/Controller positions in Europe that they were struggling with. They had retained one of the Big 4 firms in London and had struggled to identify candidates for almost 7 months. We were retained and I posted the position with Execunet. Within 10 days we had presented 6 qualified candidates of which 2 were from Execunet and 1 from a referral by a member in Europe. The client interviewed 4 of these candidates. We placed the Controller who was an Execunet candidate and the CFO through our own sources. The CFO could have also been through Execunet but logistic got in the way. I was very pleased with the response and the quality we received. Your members are open and always willing to assist each other. Your help has given our client the confidence to allow us to handle their European search assignments. Thanks for maintaining such high standards, "

-- Douglas Berr, Pointe Watch Recruiting

"I just filled the Corporate Financial Systems position within a month of posting. I am your biggest fan. Whenever I have $100K+ positions, I head for ExecuNet first. I am very pleased with the consistency of high level candidates that seem to be associated with ExecuNet."

-- Recruiter, Management Recruiters Intl.

"I want to once again thank and encourage you in the exceptional job you are doing. By providing a vital vibrant link between exceptional key players and myself and [the search community], you perform a tremendously important service to all concerned."

-- Executive Search Consultant, IL

"I wanted to once again thank you for your outstanding service, dedication and commitment to bringing together the best talent in the country with career opportunities that best fit their profiles. I continue to experience incredible success with your jobs listing service and have consistently found that the individuals that respond to my listings are the 'cream of the crop' in any given industry."

-- Former Managing Partner, WRI Executive Search

"Just wanted to advise you that we successfully filled the search posted with you for a VP Sales & Marketing with a financial services firm. Compensation was in the $200k+ range. The final candidate and several of the runners up were generated from our posting on your site. Many thanks for operating such a quality service."

-- Recruiter

"Just wanted to let you know that we have filled over 10 executive searches using your service and appreciate the excellent candidates received by our company. Thanks for the excellent work and look forward to more in the future."

-- Retained Search Firm

"My first experience with your service has been just terrific. I posted a COO search and within two hours I had the candidate that ultimately was hired as the company's CFO. [One day later] I had the leading contender for the COO job."

-- Healthcare Executive Recruiter

"Regarding the CFO Position in Healthcare - You folks do a great job! We are really happy with your service. You are fast, accurate, and very polite! Sorry I can’t reply to each and every one of the resumes you forward! Consider yourselves thanked herewith!"

-- Retained Search Consultant

"Thanks ExecuNet! Writing to inform you that position #154260, posted on June 3, has been filled by an Execunet member. Your service always develops highly qualified candidates worthy of consideration. "

-- John Imber, John Imber Associates

"These two candidates [from ExecuNet] are true evidence of the reach of [your newsletter], and importantly a solid example of the actively employed executives who participate on a regular basis."

-- Retained Search Firm, NY

"Wanted to let you know we received excellent candidates for the President, Chief Operating Officer position. Our client had received 300 from Monster but two of the ExecuNet candidates ended up in the final four. We consistently receive quality people from your site. Thanks for the good service."

-- Senior Executive Search Consultant

"We are patting ourselves on the back for being clever enough to utilize your services, and would like to share that "pat on the back" with you. Congratulations to all of us! And - Thank you."

-- Retained Executive Search, AL

"We have recently placed two ExecuNet members...thank you for your help."

-- Partner, "Top 10" Retained Executive Search Firm

"You should know that I am about to successfully complete my 3rd search utilizing your service. #1 for a Director of International Sales & Marketing ($120k); #2 was for a Division President ($275k); #3 is a VP Marketing & Sales search ($160K). You really do attract high caliber talent!"

-- Retained Search Firm

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