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Success Stories & Testimonials

On Providing Ideas, Tactics & Strategies

"...Your listings [and newsletters] were an excellent source of leads, ideas, and suggestions; the advice and encouragement in each issue was invaluable."

-- President & CEO, WA

"[ExecuNet] has been singularly, the most consistent, insightful, helpful, positive resource and secure rudder in otherwise undependable, uncharted, often disappointing interactions."

-- COO, Southeast

"Also, thank you for your ideas on salary negotiations."

-- VP Marketing, CA

"As I began my search, I started with several online search companies. Not having assembled a resume in 17 years, the task was quite daunting. However, with the resources and ExecuNet libraries, I feel confident in the document that I have put together. I believe one of the most staggering metrics is 75 percent of my interview opportunities have come directly through ExecuNet. What I believe is even more important, and the “aha moment” is those I opportunities I received did not come through the application process, but through recruiter and company searches on ExecuNet. While I continue networking with former colleagues and friends, it gives me one more tool with which to expand my network, reconnect with former colleagues, and one of life’s most fundamental enjoyments… I am able to share with my wife that "it does work…"! "

-- “As I began my search, I started with several onli

"During my period of employment transition, ExecuNet has been a wonderful way to network, search job postings and in general, remain connected to the point of still feeling like a valuable member of the workforce in some mysterious way. I thank the ExecuNet team for their fine work. I found my interactions with your organization, through a variety of touchpoints, be it your website, online communication, telephone or in person networking opportunities in my region, to be delightfully professional, always intended to offer the greatest breadth of service to your members. I will be sure to direct other professionals to you when the need arises."

-- During my period of employment transition, ExecuNe

"ExecuNet is a wonderful tool for anyone who is in the looking mode for a potential career change..."

-- VP Sales, Telecommunications, FL

"I found ExecuNet to be a well run organization with a quality product. I believe that my exposure to your newsletters, job opportunities reports and messages of encouragement and advice were an important component of my creating this promotion. I will continue to recommend your service."

-- Marketing Director, Telecom, TX

"I have just completed a job search and I wanted to thank you and your entire organization for the wonderful service you provide--not just the Job Opportunities Report but all the newsletters and ExecuNotes complete with the great networking approaches, further reading and research. ....It was your total service which was invaluable in helping me with focus, direction, techniques and information."

-- Dir HR, Energy/Utilities

"I just want to drop you a short note of thanks for your interesting and informative articles. I have not been in the ExecuNet circle for very long but in this time I have enjoyed reading your letters and articles."

-- New Member, West

"I think your service is very useful. Not only are there a good number of positions available, the articles are helpful in staying focused. Indirectly, there is also a networking aspect in that applying for positions increases the number of recruiters one is exposed to."

-- Director, MIS, IL

"Once again, ExecuNet made another transition more productive and less stressful. Campaign tips and daily job notices kept me moving forward, while the local ExecuNet networking meetings provided the support and knowledge needed to land a terrific job.”"

-- P. Buckley Brinkman

"Thank you for your excellent service. The newsletters contain genuinely valuable information, the monthly meetings were a great opportunity to share experiences with other executives, and, needless to say, I'm a big fan of the job listings. I have already recommended ExecuNet to several people, and I certainly will continue to do so."

-- VP Marketing, Catalog Company

"This job search is very different from the one I managed four years ago. I appreciate the heads up about "responses." It was good to be reminded about the current state of the job search process. "

-- New Member, East coast

"Your [Executive Insider] newsletter is very enjoyable and written in a to-the-point and crisp style. Keep it up!"

-- CFO, Northwest

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