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Success Stories & Testimonials

On Our Networking Value

"After reading the statistics on placements...I have finally become a statistic. I accepted the position #908629 and start on Monday. Thanks for the forum ...and information on how to present oneself and how to pursue the networks available. I, for one, have received value far in excess of the cost of my membership."

-- VP Technology, E-commerce Start-up

"Effective networking is an essential part of any well-implemented job search, and those who use ExecuNet as a part of their networking program give themselves a competitive edge."

-- Richard A. Wedemeyer, Author of In Transition

"I have been a member of ExecuNet since 1996. It's an outstanding network and I have referred it to several people. One of the best sources for career development I have seen."

-- Quality Assurance Director, KS

"I have discovered the value and growth from the journey of networking itself and am keeping the faith that this process will eventually lead to the "right" job for me
-and it did! Thank you and the ExecuNet staff for all you do to help kindle a positive spirit and path during this challenging transitional time for me and many others. "

-- Linda Simko

"I have just completed a job search and I wanted to thank you and your entire organization for the wonderful service you provide--not just the Job Opportunities Report but all the newsletters complete with the great networking approaches, further reading and research. ...It was your total service which was invaluable in helping me with focus, direction, techniques and information."

-- Director HR, Energy/Utilities

"I have responded to several listings and had excellent response. ...What has shocked me is the response I get...after sending my resume. Several write personal letters while others call. I have even received calls asking for recommendations for other jobs. This type of correspondence has enabled me to expand my networking base and opened up many more opportunities..."

-- SVP & GM, Consumer Products, TX

"I think your service is very useful. Not only are there a good number of positions available, the articles are helpful in staying focused. Indirectly, there is also a networking aspect in that applying for positions increases the number of recruiters one is exposed to."

-- Director, MIS, IL

"I want to once again thank and encourage you in the exceptional job you are doing. By providing a vital vibrant link between exceptional key players and myself and [the search community], you perform a tremendously important service to all concerned."

-- Executive Search Consultant, IL

"Networking works! I did my research, read the articles, and made contacts at the companies I was targeting for a new career opportunity. One of the contacts I made through ExecuNet put me in contact with the right people. After two grueling interviews with seven people, an offer came through last night that I was very happy to accept. If anybody thinks networking does not work, they are dead wrong!"

-- anonymous

"Prior to becoming involved with ExecuNet, my networking skills were, frankly, awful. By using the advice included in your bi-weekly mailings [newsletters] and from the networking meetings, I grew my network beyond my expectations. But, I think what I am now realizing is the power of ExecuNet after I have 'landed'. The [contacts] I made are now leading to meetings with people eager to develop mutually beneficial business ideas."

-- VP Marketing, CT

"Thank you for the periodic words of wisdom and encouragement. The job search process is very interesting and very much a people oriented (networking) process. I have made several new networking contacts through ExecuNet."

-- New member, West coast

"Thank you once again for your professional support. Your staff has outlined many new avenues to expand my search through networking and I will be glad to provide ExecuNet very positive referrals to my friends and colleagues."


"Thanks for providing a top-notch paid job site. I received several inquiries using your service, all of which were bona fide six-figure opportunities."

-- Steve Polston

"Thanks you for your excellent service. The newsletters contain genuinely valuable information, the monthly meetings were a great opportunity to share experiences with other executives, and, needless to say, I'm a big fan of the job listings. I have already recommended ExecuNet to several people, and I certainly will continue to do so."

-- VP Marketing, Catalog Company

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