Driving Results Through Culture

culture-puzzleHow are employees treated every day in your work environment? Are they treated with trust and respect? Are they validated for their efforts and their accomplishments?

If yours is like most workplaces, the answer is no. Gallup’s research says that employee engagement around the globe has been static – at about 35% – for over two decades. SHRM’s research indicates that respectful treatment of all employees at all levels occurs in only 38% of global workplaces. TinyPulse’s culture survey found that only 26% of employees feel strongly valued at work.

The employee experience – the creation of a mutually beneficial relationship between an organization and the individuals who choose to work at that organization – has a powerful impact on employee perceptions of your leaders and your company. Deloitte found that 80% of executives realize how important the employee experience is but only 22% believe their organization provides a validating, respectful environment.

In this Master Class session, bestselling author, speaker, and consultant S. Chris Edmonds shares insights from over 25 years of working with senior leaders to create purposeful, positive, productive work environments in organizations as varied as the world’s largest retailer to a waste management company to a family-owned oil-field tank manufacturer to pharmaceutical sales and beyond. Chris is one of Inc. magazine’s “100 Great Leadership Speakers.”

What you will learn:

  • Why leaving the quality of your work culture to chance is costing you money, every day.
  • Why the pathway to a purposeful, positive, productive work culture is to make values — how people treat each other — as important as results.
  • The three steps to crafting and maintaining a great employee experience: define, align, refine.
  • Who should attend: Senior leaders of companies, divisions, multi-nationals, small businesses, etc. who wish to create a purposeful, positive, productive work culture, today.

Here’s what some attendees of the live event had to say:

  • “Thank you for yet another outstanding and valuable topic and well-credentialed speaker. [ExecuNet Master Class] is very useful and inspirational.” 
  • “The information is applicable to every business leader.” 
  • “Regardless of your position or years of experience, this Master Class is engaging and relevant to the challenges of today’s work environments.” 
  • “Practical, great advice.” 
  • “Great, well-established and thoughtful presenter. Lot of ground covered.” 
  • “Concisely presented  themes, practical knowledge could be applied readily.” 
  • “Culture is very overlooked…this is a great reminder of how to pay attention to organizational culture.” 
  • “I’m in the middle of changing the culture in my organization and the topic was spot on for my situation– poor values did erode and caused high attrition. Senior executives need to understand this approach and how it impacts the bottom line…even if it’s slowly.”

Who should attend: Senior leaders of companies, divisions, multi-nationals, small businesses, etc. who wish to create a purposeful, positive, productive work culture, today.

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William Flamme

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