Don’t Pass up “Over-Qualified” Candidates!

businessman-tie-ANN-ZWhile established firms typically will consider only experienced applicants in their search for employees, they often consider too much experience a negative trait.

“Overqualified” candidates, they assume, will consider the position beneath them, will quickly become disillusioned with their lower station in the corporate world, and will soon be leaving for greener pastures. In the past, even professional recruiting firms may have fallen victim to this myth.

A major study shows, however, that overqualified hires CONSISTENTLY receive better job performance evaluations than new hires in general. The data also indicates they report similar job satisfaction levels, as much disinclination to leave their employer, and as much self-motivation as their peers.

Tempered with these findings, executives should allay their concerns that overqualified new employees may tend to be dissatisfied and actively seeking another job.

Be clear about job duties, responsibilities, rewards, and expectations from both the employee and employer perspective.

Don’t cheat yourself out of potentially fantastic hires by falsely assuming that someone that has more experience than you initially felt was required for the role in question is not ultimately going to be the best person for the role.

As with any employee who shows superior ability and initiative, placing overqualified new hires in positions of trust and autonomy, will keep them motivated and more likely to stay and contribute.

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

A recruiter since 1996, Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is the president of International Search Consultants, a global executive recruiting firm launched in 1999.

ISC has become one of the country’s most reputable search firms, earning more recommendations on Linked In than any other 3rd party recruiting agency in the entire country. With a team of 15 talented recruiters, utilizing the very best high- tech tools available, ISC can produce highly qualified candidates for companies with hi-volume recruiting needs.

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