COVID-19: Resources for Senior-level Executives

  • Important Message CEO Founder Dave Option

We know uncertainty isn’t a good thing for your business or your career. You can count on our trusted circle of leadership experts, world-class recruiters, coaches and strategists to guide you through  the challenges you’re facing and lead you forward.

The World of Work Job Search Your Wellbeing

virtual-networkingKnockout Approaches to Virtual Networking!

By Michael Goldberg

We don’t think “online” when it comes to networking meetings. Webinars and business meetings, yes, but not meetings that are focused on developing relationships to exchange business. But clearly, its time has come. Read More…

Recruiting, Hiring and Leading During the Corona Crisis

A conversation with executive recruiter Jeff Hyman

Recruiter Jeff Hyman talks with Tony Vlahos about how the pandemic will impact the executive job market and business. He offers suggestions on where jobs will be and leadership tactics.
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Why Relational Connection is So Important During the Coronavirus Pandemic

By Michael Stallard

Our current situation—the simultaneous need to reduce physical distance and to increase social, or relational, connection and not see a further rise in loneliness—presents a challenge for us all. Ignoring the need for connection at this time is not an option. Read More…


“You’ve Got to Stay Calm”

A Q&A on Crisis Management with Former DDI President Bob Rogers

Having led through crises over his 25 years as president of DDI, Bob shared his insights on how executives should lead through this pandemic. He advised how a past crisis like 9/11 or the 2008 recession shaped legacies, and they offer lessons for how leaders can successfully navigate their companies through the pandemic.
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Should My Job Search Stop During Corona Pandemic?

A conversation with ExecuNet Career Coaches Harriette Lowenthal and Connie Bentley

Executives who were in job search before the pandemic are asking us if they should put their search on hold until the crisis settles. The coaches, strategists, and recruiters in our network say to keep looking.
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How to Be Positive in Challenging Times

A conversation with Emiliya Zhivotovskaya, CEO and Founder of the Flourishing Center

Because of the coronavirus outbreak, it’s natural to worry about your wellbeing and safety, the people you lead and the ones you love. There’s no one in the world more capable than Emiliya of showing you how to stay positive, remain purposeful and productive, and not let anxiety get the best of you. Read More…


A Few Thoughts for Leaders and Managers

By Patrick Lencioni

In this unprecedented and uncertain time, many leaders and managers are wondering what they can do to help the people in their charge. To a certain extent, this will depend on the situation.
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How to Increase Your Executive Presence on Video

By Maxine Dolle

More interactions are taking place via video, as are an increasing number of job interviews. Now is the time to consider how to enhance your executive presence in this medium. 
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13 Must-Do’s to Defy Coronavirus Isolation

By Lisa Ryan

Coronavirus has taken over our lives. Remember, broadcasters are churning up fear in order to fill their 24-hour news day to sell ad space. That’s their job. Your job is to remain strong and calm with solid information. He are some tips not to lose yourself in the fear. Read More…


The One Huge Mistake Leaders Make in Preparing for the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

By Dr. Gleb Tsipursky

Our brain’s main way of dealing with threats is the fight-or-flight response – a great fit for the short-term risks we faced long-ago but terrible for defending us from modern threats, such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Read More…


An Important Message from ExecuNet CEO and Founder Dave Opton

In these unique and challenging times, it would be an understatement to say we are all faced with new challenges. What I do know is we will get through this, exactly when remains to be determined, but while we work through this global crisis, ExecuNet can help you be ready for your career challenges once we reach the end of this crisis. 
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5 Mindfulness and Emotional Intelligence Practices for Difficult Times

By The Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

You may be struggling with what’s going on in our world and have more questions than answers. All of this is perfectly natural, given the magnitude of suffering we are witnessing around the globe. Here are five practices to try in the midst of difficult times. Read More…


How to Be a True Leader During the Coronavirus Outbreak

A conversation with DDI CEO, Tacy Byham, Ph.D.

ExecuNet’s Tony Vlahos asked DDI’s CEO Tacy Byham to share some leadership practices that would help executives  respond effectively to this crisis.

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How to Ace Your Video Job Interview

A conversation with communications coach Maxine Dolle

In the age of coronavirus it’s likely your next interview will be on video. This brings different ways to shine, or crash. There are things you’d never think of that suddenly matter when it’s a video interview. Read More…


Is “Work from Home” Trickier Than it Appears as Businesses Brace for Coronavirus Contingency Plans?

By Gautam Goswami

Working from home has been a growing trend; with COVID-19, it may become a requirement. How the coronavirus could alter the culture of work for years to come. Read More…


Leading Through Uncertainty

By Erica Smith

While COVID-19 is new and unknowable… this may well be a good time to take stock. As leaders, we have responsibilities to many stakeholders and want to make the right decisions for them. But maybe it’s about questions more than it’s about answers. Read More…