I Couldn’t Believe He Did This

Have you ever worked in an environment in which team members don’t trust one another?

It’s Executive Hunger Games meets Jedi Mind Tricks.

It’s sharp elbows, everyone-for-themselves.

people-in-groupI worked on a team like this once. We had a high level of responsibility and an equal level of mistrust.

One day, leadership called us all together. They got everyone into one room, sat us down, and told us we were going to work it out.

(As it turns out, preschool conflict resolution strategies translate into executive board rooms.)

Our executive leader told us that we were all going to contribute. We were all going to name what we were personally going to start, stop, and continue doing.

Then something extremely important happened:

The executive leader went first. He shared his vulnerability and cracked the façade of a Suit. It was a tremendous display of leadership. Had he not gone first, I don’t think this exercise wouldn’t have had the same outcome.

Slowly, people began to shift in their seats. Shoulders relaxed. Jaws unclenched. The tension seemed to drain.
Then we all went around the table and followed the example that was set for us. We started saying what we would start, stop, and continue.

Now here’s the kicker:

People began giving and receiving friendly yet constructive feedback.

There was nothing mean-spirited. No finger-pointing. Just tangible feedback that we could actually implement to affect change. Instead of competing, we helped one another.

Within weeks, the team shifted to a more open, trusting, and positive place. You could feel the difference in meetings. The output was more collaborative. We had stronger results.

Clients noticed.

The “old guard” of corporate is driven by lack, scarcity, and fear. There’s competition under the surface that hijacks results and messes with everyone’s mind.

Today’s leadership is about creating the capacity for others to be effective and empowering them to implement change.

The only way to make sure the work gets done and outcomes are reached is by building a foundation of trust.

As a leader (whether you have a formal leadership role or not), your energy, language, and willingness to be vulnerable will shape your trustworthiness.

Do you want to get to know your strengths and how to manage your mind so you can better manage your team?

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Jill Griffin

Jill Griffin

Jill has spent her career driving impact, inspiration, and culture within global organizations and start-ups. She’s led innovation, digital and media strategy, content development, and marketing programs for many of the world’s top brands. Her executive career coaching, strategy and innovation has generated multi-millions in revenue for the world's largest agencies, start-ups and well-known brands. She’s helped hundreds of high achievers manage imposter syndrome, amplify strengths, increase visibility, change careers, land dream job, reframe career stories AND navigate challenging environments all while maintaining their wellbeing.

As an ExecuNet Career Strategist and Career Coach, Jill works 1:1 with high-level senior executives providing strategic guidance and coaching to help them land their next great opportunity. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their careers. Additionally, she provides detailed feedback for improving a personal marketing collateral—well beyond their résumé. Leveraging her expertise, Jill guides executives through the entire process from entering the job market, identifying the path to success, to onboarding with their new company and beyond to create job security. Find out more about Jill.

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