You Have a Corporate Vision… But Can You See?

broken-eyeglasses-NOAH FLEMINGRecently, I was sitting with a client in his backyard enjoying a coffee before we were about to begin our day together working on his business. He told me some fabulous stories about how he started his company. Through a series of random events, opportunities, risks, and decisions, he had built a very successful company from the ground up.

We’ve been working together for close to a year now, and we’ve had some incredible successes during that time. We spent the majority of our time together drawing up concrete action plans, steps, and responsibilities to support the next phase of dramatic business growth.

On my drive home, I pondered my experience with this client and some of my other clients.

My immediate reactions were that my most successful clients routinely take the time, and utilize outside resources (me), to reassess their current trajectory and strategic goals, and ensure that both they and their teams are working to achieve them.

When I thought more about it, I realized that more often than not, I find a CEO, Owner, or President who is doing four specific things remarkably well.

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Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming is a marketing expert, trusted consultant, Fast Company blogger, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service – EVERGREEN: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving.

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