Choosing a Name for Your Business

who-are-you-signChoosing the right name for your business can be surprisingly difficult. If you have a strong product or service and have identified a gap in the market, you might think that’s all you need, but your business name is still extremely important.

When researching business name ideas, you need to think carefully about what will work for marketing and legal purposes. It should not be similar to any other businesses in your industry and also be easily identifiable so your customers can quickly work out what it is you do.

If you intend to operate only in the local area, incorporating that area into your business name can add a friendly and reassuring element to the business. Ideally, your business name should also be short, snappy and instantly informative to draw customers to your business, while also being trustworthy and professional.

Sometimes, business owners try to be too clever and risk confusing their customers, so always keep it simple. While it might be tempting to include your own name in the business’ moniker, that can restrict your branding opportunities and give customers the impression that it’s a small, one man band rather than an established business.

The law of “passing off” prevents you from choosing a business name that is identical or similar to a business operating in your industry. You can search the Companies House name checker to make sure your name has not already been registered. You should also consider trademarking your business name to protect it from other firms that may try to use it in the future.

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