Digital customer interaction

Are You Prepared for the Digital Tsunami?

By , April 5, 2017
In a world where all of your customers carry a super computer in their pockets in the form of a smartphone that they ... Read More

Technology Customer Experience

Technology: A Blessing and Curse to Customer Experience Delivery

By , March 29, 2017
I've always loved the way Charles Dickens opened his masterpiece The Tale of Two Cities. The first few phrases of the ... Read More


Leadership Strategies for Thriving in the Digital Economy

By , July 11, 2016
Every business begun before the Internet now faces the same challenge: How to transform to compete in a digital ... Read More


Take a Deeper Dive this July: 4 Extraordinary Master Classes

By , June 27, 2016
Each month I provide you with a look at the upcoming sessions of ExecuNet Master Class, hosted by Anthony Vlahos. Tony ... Read More

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The Globality Quotient: Cybersecurity

By , June 22, 2016
In our contemporary world where in unison, the media contributes to a culture of fear, a mysterious mistress; the cyber ... Read More


World Business Forum NY Executive Summary

By , April 4, 2016
Every year ExecuNet reports on WOBI's (World of Business Ideas) annual World Business Forum in New York City. The most ... Read More


An Illuminating Talk With John Sculley and Hope Frank

By , January 27, 2016
Fasten your seat belt for an extraordinary hour of information and transformation. In this special edition of ... Read More


What Created the Gen Y Consumer

By , January 19, 2016
You watch, say, Blade Runner again (and make sure you do, before the remake). Or the early, seminal Star Wars. ... Read More

Steven Kydd_WBF_LincolnCenter_2015

Tastemade: Engaging the Mobile Generation

By , January 18, 2016
Steven Kydd and his partners were looking to share their personal passions for food and travel and bring that together ... Read More

uber-germany_injunction--MARK A COHEN

Lawyers, Cabbies, and Uber

By , September 8, 2015
Lawyers and cabbies have several things in common: (1) if their meter is not down, they are not generating revenue; (2) ... Read More

people-in-confusing-room-DOUG SUNDHEIM

Complexity is Killing Me

By , July 9, 2015
I feel inundated with complexity these days. So many competing perspectives on nearly every topic where I need to make ... Read More

Twitter-bird-GERMANY KENT

Top 10 Tips for Creating a Perfect Twitter Profile

By , April 30, 2015
Twitter is a powerhouse platform for your career. For networking and professional growth, it’s a game-changer. And ... Read More