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Why Partnership Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation

By , January 6, 2020
Known from the 17th century (Blaise Pascal invoked it in his famous wager, which is contained in his Pensées, publis... Read More


How to Make This Year Different From the Last

By , January 1, 2020
The first question shouldn't be what is it we want for the new year, it should be, what are we bringing to the new ... Read More


20 Rules of Success That You Probably Don’t Know

By , December 31, 2019
Don't fall for everything that's out there. What success looks like for one person is very different for another. In ... Read More


81% of These People Are Lying to You

By , December 30, 2019
Tell me if this has ever happened to you... You have a job opening and a bunch of candidates to meet. After a ... Read More


Leadership: Being Comfortable in Uncomfortable Situations

By , December 27, 2019
Leadership (as defined by the GLOBE study) is “the ability of an individual to influence, motivate and enable others ... Read More


Make a Decision and Stick With It

By , December 26, 2019
Any decision you make isn’t worth a tinker’s damn until you have formed the habit of making it and keeping it. ... Read More


Courage: The Test of a True Leader

By , December 25, 2019
Are people born with courage? Unless you tell me you know a kid who was born with lustrous black hair, stars in ... Read More


The 2020 Decade for Workers: Is the Gig Up?

By , December 24, 2019
At some large firms, 50% of the workforce is comprised of independent contractors or freelancers. But that may change ... Read More


How Shyness is a Narcissistic Prison

By , December 23, 2019
Sometimes it's the most trivial beliefs that blankets our entire perception. Everyone has experienced shyness. Some ... Read More


Strategy is More Than Just Setting Goals

By , December 20, 2019
While goal setting is important, it doesn't define your strategy. One of my favorite aspects of being a business ... Read More


To Develop Leadership Skills, Practice in a Low-Risk Environment

By , December 19, 2019
It was the second day of an intensive leadership program I lead once a year and there were 20 participants in the room. ... Read More


Flat Organisations and Employee Retention

By , December 18, 2019
Flatter organisations are better at creating more transparent work environments. Communication across and between ... Read More