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The Uber Ride From Hell

By , November 2, 2018
I'm sure you've had one too. Mine was this morning. Stop & start. Stop & start. Stop & start. I ... Read More


Expect the Unexpected: Leadership Building in the Midst of Real Life

By , November 1, 2018
Oscar Wilde taught us to "expect the unexpected," and while we will say this phrase a lot, we don’t always think ... Read More


Slept With One Eye Open

By , October 31, 2018
I made the mistake of watching the Halloween Horror marathon on HBO before bed. Bad call. I like blood-sucking, ... Read More


Humility: The X-factor

By , October 30, 2018
Punk by its very nature is aggressive and in your face. In its most raw incarnation, it is likely to be too aggressive ... Read More


Are You Driving Customer Success?

By , October 29, 2018
Many companies claim to be "customer focused," but translating that declaration into action is very difficult. Tradit... Read More


Your Flight Confirmation

By , October 26, 2018
Flying back from North Carolina yesterday (Grandpa sends his regards), I gazed down the runway. I'm still awed by the ... Read More


This is How Leaders Improve Their Self Confidence

By , October 25, 2018
Self-confidence is an essential part of leadership. A leader with self-confidence thinks positively about the future ... Read More


Employee Motivation Tips That Lead to Growth

By , October 24, 2018
We all tend to do our best at work when we experience encouragement from our superiors. Direct managers or supervisors ... Read More


The 5 Best Accounting Tools for Improving Your Payment Workflow

By , October 23, 2018
Many organizations may be unable to "go all in" with AP automation. Either it's pricing that keeps them at a distance, ... Read More


5 Red Flags That Should Stop You From Making a Hiring Mistake!

By , October 22, 2018
When having the opportunity to interview multiple candidates for a role, it can often times be overwhelming, trying to ... Read More


Got Lucky Friday Night?

By , October 19, 2018
Are you as excited as I am? Tonight's Mega Millions lottery jackpot has swelled to $970 million. Now, if you win, ... Read More


It’s Lonely at the Top

By , October 19, 2018
Friday is as good a time as any for a true confession. If you’re the head of a business, or a fund, or a departm... Read More