• Navigating Uncertainty with Confidence to Act Now


When You’re Very Young

By , June 18, 2014
When you're very young: You wonder, "What exciting thing is going to happen today?" You experiment. You ... Read More


Who’s Up Next? The Value of Succession Planning

By , June 16, 2014
One aspect of leadership that's often overlooked is succession planning - the process of providing for future leaders... Read More


Is Your Boss a Bully?

By , June 13, 2014
I met Brenda when she managed a 2,000-person department for a Fortune 500 company. Brought in to help her with an ... Read More


16 Things a Boss Should Never Say

By , June 12, 2014
I recently posted the 10 Dumb Things Bosses Say, with suggestions for what to say instead. However, there are some ... Read More


Brand Loyalty

By , June 6, 2014
The ensuing decades of research on customer behavior has supported a number of intuitively interesting findings about ... Read More


Getting it Right the First Time: The Art of Communicating Expectations

By , June 4, 2014
In general, people like to talk more than they like to listen. This causes enough problems in the normal course of ... Read More


Russell Bishop “What Can You Do To Own the Solution?”

By , June 3, 2014
I think one of the most important elements in career advancement, leadership and business success is that of ... Read More

7 Dumb Mistakes Managers Make (and What to Do Instead)

By , June 3, 2014
  You glance down at an incoming text while an employee is talking to you. DUMB! Or you bark "Just get it ... Read More


Aligning Coaching with Strategic Priorities

By , May 30, 2014
In theory, coaching can be a powerful way to shift behavior, increase engagement, enhance thinking and generally make a ... Read More


Navigating a Changing Workforce in the Woman’s Century

By , May 27, 2014
Following is an excerpt from “WOMEN LEAD – Career Perspectives from Workplace Leaders”, Edited by Tracey ... Read More


Top 4 Reasons Why Most Career Dreams Fail

By , May 23, 2014
In my work as a career coach and speaker, I interact with thousands of highly functional, achievement- oriented ... Read More


Rita McGrath, The End of Competitive Advantage

By , May 20, 2014
"Strategy" is one of the most abused and least understood words in the business lexicon today. It gets slapped in front ... Read More