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A Major Announcement

By , July 6, 2018
Success in your career and in business is not a thing to be waited for, but a thing to be created. Today, I am thrilled ... Read More


Science Says, if You Want People to Respond, Tell a Good Story

By , June 28, 2018
A slight creaking sound could be heard as the room sat silent, waiting for the door to open. No one knew what to ... Read More


The 5 Biggest Small Business Marketing Challenges

By , May 14, 2018
Your small business may have a terrific product or service. But that still may not be enough to keep your business ... Read More


Win the Millennial Race With Employees and Customers

By , May 9, 2018
What is your company doing to stay relevant, connect, and drive engagement with the next generation? Don't be left ... Read More


The 5 Best Business Ideas of 2017

By , February 23, 2018
After a year has passed it is customary to take stock: What were the major developments and how should they guide our ... Read More

Kevin Harrington

15 Super Sales Secrets from Billion-Dollar Entrepreneur Kevin Harrington

By , February 5, 2018
Why is it some people struggle to sell their products or services, while others seem able to sell just about ... Read More


Facebook, Pepsi, and 7 Other Brand Disasters of 2017

By , January 22, 2018
The worst brand scandals of the year were mostly about sexism or racism.  In the decade I've been posting about the ... Read More


6 Holiday Marketing Tips and Ideas for Small Businesses

By , December 7, 2017
This time of year, there are holiday marketing campaigns everywhere. Whether the campaigns are small and involve ... Read More


The Business of Belief

By , December 1, 2017
Two realities have redefined the nature of influence in today's modern marketplace. First, our choices have increased ... Read More

You’re a Leader – What Should You Tweet?

By , October 17, 2017
Social media has given us an incredible tool with which to reach millions and millions of people across the globe. ... Read More

Great Marketer

4 Skills Every Great Marketer Should Possess

By , October 16, 2017
With the economy expanding, many companies may be looking to grow their customer base. While that usually means hiring ... Read More