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Diverse Workforce

Would You Hire This Person?

By , June 13, 2017
Companies must innovate to grow. But where do the new ideas come from? Innovation is often a painstaking series ... Read More


The Most Crucial Future of Work: AI Measure

By , May 12, 2017
For decades, I have studied the impact of technology on the future of work. In my 2001 book, Work 2.0, I found that ... Read More

The Right Stuff – A Look Inside Innovative Teams

By , May 4, 2017
What does it mean to truly "innovative?" The term has become a cliché with so many ordinary products being advertised ... Read More

Professional Development

What Will Professional Development Look Like in 100 Years?

By , April 21, 2017
It's always fun to explore how life might change over the next century. Some people, like Google futurist Ray ... Read More

forecast future

Forecasts vs Implications

By , April 19, 2017
In the last three weeks, I have had several senior researchers from different organizations ask about these future-o... Read More

women leaders

Innovation for Women, by Women. Period.

By , April 7, 2017
It all started in 2013 with another frantic trip to the drugstore. Like clockwork, Jordana Kier found herself once ... Read More

small data

People in Denmark Walk in a Very Strange Way

By , March 16, 2017
It wasn't a criticism. It was simply an observation a friend made to Martin Lindstrom. In at recent session of ... Read More

Do You Look But Not See?

By , March 10, 2017
You're alone at a bar, a train, your kid's practice... What's the first thing you do? Most of us would turn to our ... Read More

How to Develop Your Team’s Creativity – For Any Type of Job

By , December 27, 2016
Larry Kim, founder of WordStream, believes that novel thinking will be a key workplace skill by 2020. And he may be ... Read More

If You Think Sharper Thinking Does Not Matter: Think Again

By , August 26, 2016
Enterprises must move faster to gain competitive advantage, seize opportunities and manage emerging risks. Relying on ... Read More


5 Ways to Tap into the Psychological State of Flow: How to Get into the Zone and Stay There

By , August 25, 2016
Have you ever gotten into a project so deeply and focused on it so intently, that you looked up to discover several ... Read More

Reaction or Decision?

By , August 24, 2016
Are we deciding or automatically reacting? I was at a stop sign yesterday in the hot summer weather here in Nashville, ... Read More