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Breaking the Cycle of Burnout: Simple Steps to Identify and Overcome Workplace Burnout

By , January 20, 2020
It’s January and many of us are back to work after a break. We may feel refreshed or hopeful and some of us are ... Read More


6 Security Measures That Protect Your Business

By , January 16, 2020
Most companies have experienced at least one instance of check theft, in which a bad actor washed a legitimate check ... Read More


How to (Finally) Follow Through on Better Habits

By , January 15, 2020
In my defense, I was tired. It had been a long day involving travel and time zone changes. But that’s the point ... Read More


Cancel Tomorrow’s Candidate Interview

By , January 14, 2020
I want to gut your entire hiring process. Sure, I'll take a lot of crap from other Headhunters  and from execs who ... Read More

Janet McKee

The Art of Actually Achieving

By , January 13, 2020
“If you want to lose weight, just eat in front of a mirror naked.” —Author unknown Like me, you may find this ... Read More


Don’t Let Software Suck the Soul of Your Business

By , January 10, 2020
In the past four months, I've talked to, count 'em, 14 companies with failed software-related projects. Most of the ... Read More


7 Ways to Make Money as a Thought Leader

By , January 9, 2020
Here are seven ways you can make money as a thought leader: 1. Salaried Employee A consistent salary plus benefits is ... Read More


5 Key Questions for Wise Executive Career Decisions

By , January 8, 2020
Making good choices is the key to professional success for executives, and that goes for career decisions as well as ... Read More


New Year Career Advice for Workers of Any Generation

By , January 7, 2020
The start of the new year is always a great time to pause and look for career advice. Career advice is relevant for any ... Read More


Why Partnership Strategy, Not Technology, Drives Digital Transformation

By , January 6, 2020
Known from the 17th century (Blaise Pascal invoked it in his famous wager, which is contained in his Pensées, publis... Read More


How to Make This Year Different From the Last

By , January 1, 2020
The first question shouldn't be what is it we want for the new year, it should be, what are we bringing to the new ... Read More


20 Rules of Success That You Probably Don’t Know

By , December 31, 2019
Don't fall for everything that's out there. What success looks like for one person is very different for another. In ... Read More