The Bar Has Been Raised: The Best Customer Experience I’ve Ever Had

By , April 28, 2017
I was working at LinkedIn/'s offices last week in Santa Barbara, California shooting a course for them on ... Read More

Entrepreneurs, You’ve Got to Have Bold Humility

By , April 27, 2017
The words "bold" and "humility" don't seem like a natural fit. But in a special Fireside Chat session of ExecuNet ... Read More

Why Strategy is Everyone’s Job

By , April 26, 2017
Strategy is often thought of as the exclusive preserve of top management, but organizational alignment is impossible ... Read More

The Customer Loyalty Loop

By , April 25, 2017
If there were a proven, scientific formula for building customer loyalty, would you want your business to follow ... Read More

predictive index

Are My Employees Going to Leave?

By , April 24, 2017
$11 billion annually.  Wow. That is a big number. It's how much is lost due to employee turnover, turnover freque... Read More

Professional Development

What Will Professional Development Look Like in 100 Years?

By , April 21, 2017
It's always fun to explore how life might change over the next century. Some people, like Google futurist Ray ... Read More

The Role of Alignment in Poor Execution

By , April 20, 2017
"What's the role of alignment in poor execution?" This was a question asked by an attendee in the live session ... Read More

forecast future

Forecasts vs Implications

By , April 19, 2017
In the last three weeks, I have had several senior researchers from different organizations ask about these future-o... Read More

work/life balance

5 Powerful Choices You Must Make Now for a Strong Future

By , April 18, 2017
How to Work Unleashed, Lead Boldly, and Live Life Your Way Sign me up! I'm sure I'll have lots of company! And I ... Read More

Entrepreneurs, Before You Take the Money…

By , April 17, 2017
What should we look for in our investors? Talk about an important question! "The first dollar you take from an ... Read More

Transformational Leadership

Women Win With Transformational Leadership

By , April 13, 2017
While more than 10 years old and challenged for relying on students to measure workplace attitudes, Harvard Business ... Read More


I Believe… What is Your “Why” in Business?

By , April 12, 2017
My philosophy in life is centered around the idea that the world works from the inside out. When we try to make things ... Read More