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You’ve Got to Attend These Classes!

After a very full month of Master Classes in September, October promises more of the same... exceptional presenting by ... Read More By September 28, 2015
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What is the Eyebrow Test?

Do you ever: Find people texting or tuning out when you’re talking to them? Have a tough time explaining what ... Read More By August 5, 2015

Trade Fear for Confidence in Public Speaking and Presentations

Ever had the nightmare where you are standing at a podium in front of several hundred people and forget your speech? Or ... Read More By June 2, 2015

Don’t Tell and Sell, Show and Ask

Many of us grew up doing “Show and Tell” in elementary school. A premise of INTRIGUE is, “It’s smarter to ... Read More By May 18, 2015

Got Intrigue? The Art & Business of Getting and Giving Attention

I told a participant in my #‎SXSW workshop, "Congrats. Your pitch passed The Eyebrow Test®" "What's that?" he ... Read More By May 6, 2015

Exploding the Myth of Working Under Pressure

We've all been there... demanding boss, tight deadline, impossible project, too many demands and not enough resources. ... Read More By April 6, 2015

Power Presenting: Core Skills for Delivering Business Presentations With Impact

Deliver presentations with impact — even under the most challenging and pressure-filled business situations. Stu... Read More By February 13, 2015

Show and Tell: How Regular People Make Extraordinary Presentations

"If I tell you the truth, if I tell it with a story, and if I tell that story with pictures, I can keep you glued to ... Read More By January 29, 2015

Stories that Move Mountains: Storytelling for Persuasive Presentations

As an executive, presentations are a natural part of your life, often to sell an idea, product, and even yourself. But ... Read More By January 8, 2015

Do Your Stories Move Mountains?

Do you create presentations that create a strong impact and yield results? If your presentations don't lead your ... Read More By July 30, 2014

Surprising Secret to Time Management

When you draw up to-do lists, set schedules, make appointments, and so forth, chances are you're wasting most of your ... Read More By July 25, 2014

Virtual Body Language

Communication technology has completely changed the way we connect with people to conduct business. It has opened ... Read More By July 10, 2014