Yes, it is possible to find work you'll love.

(No, it doesn’t require starting from scratch on your own.)

The truth is, many senior executives feel stuck doing work they don't love – and clueless about how to find something new. Or angry because recruiters and hiring authorities won't take their calls. Or disheartened because they fail in interviews.

That's discouraging. But you don't have to be one of them.

How you answer this question could make all the difference in your career success:

Why should they hire you?

Here is a FACT of today's executive job market: Competition is stiff. Excellent track records like yours are no longer unique, so listing your skills and work experience along with a good objective on a résumé won’t be enough to get you noticed, interviewed, and hired. How do you convey to the hiring authority that you are the most qualified candidate by far for the position? Now consider THESE FACTS:
  • To get noticed and invited to interview, your value proposition must be so clear and impactful that it compels the recruiter to pick up the phone and call you.
  • Your marketing collateral (which includes much more than your résumé and profiles) must be impeccable.
  • A job search strategy is essential.
  • If trolling the job boards and submitting online applications is your primary search tactic, you're looking at a long road ahead.
  • Search skills and abilities, including keyword optimization, are a MUST in today's competitive job market.
  • If relationships you've built with peers or recruiters aren't naturally leading to introductions, your network isn't working.
  • Interviewing is not about interviewing. It is about eliminating your competition. Wind up number two, and you lose.

One more thing: You need to have a compelling work history (or story) to share.

It's about unlocking the value in your story, packaging yourself in a meaningful way and differentiating yourself from the competition.

If your next employer doesn’t know your unique value, you're just another résumé on the stack, one more forgettable candidate who hit the "job apply" button.

ExecuNet not only showed me the light at the end of the tunnel with great professionalism and support, but also armed me with a strong tool that completely
re-branded me and got me my dream job in one of the world’s most admired Fortune 500 companies."


Remake your career story, change the script and be a superhero, get noticed, interviewed and hired.

With help from your own ExecuNet Personal Career Success Coach®.

"ExecuNet helped me design my résumé, and my coach has been my cheerleader, helping me to navigate the slippery slope of landing my next role. I learned to value myself when I wasn’t sure of my next step and was able to determine the values of a potential company during the hiring process. When two offers came in at the same time, my coach helped me see the clear path to the right opportunity for me. Finding a job is so much more than simply creating a résumé. ExecuNet enabled me to see things I couldn’t see myself. I have ExecuNet to thank for the new role I begin tomorrow."

Do you need your own Career Success Coach? Really need one?

Sure, you can choose to go about your search and never know the benefits of working with us.

But ask anyone who has, and they will tell you a story of trusted guidance, informed decision-making, focus, accountability and accomplishment demonstrated – which got them where they wanted to go, faster than their competition and more efficiently than they thought possible.

Who we work with:

We only work with senior executives who:
  • Are serious about beginning the next act in their career.
  • Want to focus on career management, job search strategy and execution, but don’t have the time or skills to do it all themselves.
  • Are open to feedback and guidance.
  • Are willing to do what it takes to advance their search.

What we do:

Your ExecuNet Career Success Coach® will work one on one with you to help you get noticed, get interviewed and get what you’re worth — by turning the lens on you. Together you will go in-depth to:
  • Write the story of how you will make a difference for your next employer, one that clearly dictates your value to recruiters, hiring authorities and influencers.
  • Create and stick to a "push and pull" job search marketing strategy so you are perceived as the one perfect candidate.
  • Design your difference into your résumé, cover letters, LinkedIn and ExecuNet profiles and any other social media presence so that you stand out in a crowded marketplace and secure multiple, meaningful interviews.
  • Create your own ExecuNet ValuGraphic® and Networking ValuGraphic® that amplifies your personal strengths, skills and accomplishments, helps the hiring authority instantly visualize your value, and makes your mark at interviews and networking events.
  • Master proven techniques to control the interview, eliminate your competition and secure the job offer.
  • Stay motivated, keep focus and make it happen.

How we do it:

Characteristics of our process include:
  • Measurable outcomes regarding changes in your marketability and search success as determined by the number of interviews and offers you get.
  • Confidentiality, confidence and a positive outlook.
  • A straightforward, time-saving approach.
  • Consistent delivery by experienced coaches who have years of experience working with senior executives.
  • Comprehensive assessment of your career strategy, value proposition and personal marketing materials.
"In today's environment the Search Process can be overwhelming – especially to those of us who leverage technology and global teams to work 24/7 and therefore have little time for the search, let alone life in general. Having this service is an extremely valuable secret weapon; I plan to keep my Coach on speed dial as a Trusted Advisor and Partner for many years to come. Kudos on an awesome service, I look forward to continued success, and referring you to others within my network who are seeking to make a change."—LARRY F., VP OF SALES

Ready to start changing your executive life for the better?

We're right here with you.

We'll take 60 minutes to discuss your current career goals and see how we can help you, as we have the tens of thousands of ExecuNet members for more than 30 years.