Career Coaches Talking About Resume Gaps

The lifespan of executives in their roles today tends to be rather short, so how do you tell the story of all your job hopping and resume gaps when you are interviewing?

This question was put to a panel of ExecuNet Career Strategists in a session of Master Class this summer. They thought worrying about executive job hopping is an “old school manner of thinking” according to Career Coach Saundra Botts. In fact, she says, moving around is a great way for executives to gain the experience they need to be better at what they do. “Candidates simply have to tell their story so that their pivots are positives that brought new challenges, experiences, and skills,” said Coach Don Weintraub, with the timing not lining up perfectly. And Coach Andrea Briscoe agrees if you view employment gaps as a problem, potential employers will sense that and read more into it than is necessary. “It’s better you have the approach that you completed your assignment and were on the lookout for your next interesting challenge,” advised Briscoe.

Listen to the panel of ExecuNet executive coaches discuss the topic in this excerpt from, Overcoming Job Search Biases, Explaining Career Gaps and Other Mysteries, an ExecuNet Master Class Session.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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