How to Buy an Existing Business

  • How to buy an existing business

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  • Innovation for Women, by Women. Period.

    women as leadersIt all started in 2013 with another frantic trip to the drugstore. Like clockwork, Jordana Kier found herself once again desperate to purchase the same personal-care items that she’d needed the month before: tampons. “You don’t want to

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Entrepreneurs, You’ve Got to Have Bold Humility

The words “bold” and “humility” don’t seem like a natural fit. But in a special Fireside Chat session of ExecuNet Master Class, Tony Vlahos speaks with REBBL CEO Sheryl O’Loughlin, and she explains why this incongruous pair of words perfectly sum up the successful entrepreneur.

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  • Acquisition Finders Will Guide You

    Acquisition FindersIt typically takes 4-7 months after you decide what type of business you want to buy to actually purchase your new business. There with you every step of the way is Acquisition Finders. They help you with the evaluation of

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