You Can’t Benchmark Your Way to Breakthrough

upward-forrest-view-NOAH FLEMINGBenchmarking is silly.

Too often I meet people who base all of their most important business decisions on industry benchmarks.

Benchmarking is based on the myopic belief that no other industry faces challenges like yours.
Or maybe, it’s the comfort of knowing you’re part of the status quo and not rocking the boat.

You see, there’s a continuum of being smart in business.

At the very worst, it starts with trying to figure out everything yourself.

It progresses to staying abreast of those in your industry and your competitors – sometimes copying their actions and following the herd.

But from there, the real breakthroughs occur when you’re able to open your mind and see how the solutions from other industries can be completely novel in your own.

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Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming

Noah Fleming is a marketing expert, trusted consultant, Fast Company blogger, and author of the Amazon #1 bestselling book in Sales, Marketing, and Customer Service – EVERGREEN: Cultivate The Enduring Customer Loyalty That Keeps Your Business Thriving.

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