Can We Talk Turkey?

And they said nothing in life is free?

They didn’t know about the Butterball Turkey Talk Line. Free advice from the authority, on how to prepare your bird.

Each November, their 50 experts answer over 100,000 questions (1-800-BUTTERBALL, if you need it.)

And it costs not a cent.

Gobble. Gobble.


Brilliant marketing? Yes. Succulent in fact.

But more important, a juicy reminder that different people are passionate about different things.

And when you’re hiring for your business, it’s vital to find those people who are turned on by your business.

Doesn’t matter if it’s SaaS, turkey, construction equipment, mobile phones, vinyl flooring, or cloud storage.

There’s a lid for every pot.

There are candidates who …for whatever half-baked reason… are fascinated by your business. It’s in their veins. They marinate in it.

Like the 50 Turkey Talk Line folks. It’s not their job. It’s their passion.

Hiring managers underestimate the importance of this.

But when times get tough and the challenges mount, and the job description changes monthly, the folks on your team who simply LOVE YOUR BUSINESS will deliver time and again.

Don’t settle for talented, intelligent, qualified people who are looking for a job.

Cherry pick the ones who find your particular business their life’s calling.

They’ll be happy. Which means they’ll be engaged. Which means your business will be successful. Which means you’ll be happy.

And I just want you to be happy.

That’s why my book is free.

(Chapter 2 is all about finding the folks who are perfectly-prepared to fit your business.)

Never settle,


Jeff Hyman

Jeff Hyman

Jeff Hyman launched his recruiting career at Heidrick & Struggles and Spencer Stuart, the preeminent global executive search firms. Today, he’s Chief Talent Officer at Chicago-based Strong Suit Executive Search. Along the way, Jeff created four companies, backed by $50 million in venture capital. He currently teaches the MBA course about recruiting at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management and hosts the five-star Strong Suit Podcast. Jeff has been featured by Inc., Fortune, Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, CNBC, Bloomberg, and other media outlets. He holds a master’s degree from Kellogg School of Management and a bachelor’s degree from The Wharton School.

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