Building Resilience in Our Teams and Ourselves

How do we as leaders and organizations bring a sense of purpose in times of adversity? The past year has been a difficult one for many, but Adam Grant offers a strategy to create and strengthen meaningful and resilient relationships within your organization. An organizational psychologist and Wharton’s top-rated professor, Adam is a deeply original thinker and one of today’s most influential business advisors.

He suggests leaders:

This is an excerpt from the WOBI on Personal Leadership and Organizational Culture Executive Summary.

1. Find Self-compassion: Leaders should normalize struggle by modeling self-compassion. Talk about some setbacks and hardships, so that your teams can also reach out and share their own thoughts and feelings.

2. Know Your Emotional Triggers: Recognize what makes you tick and develop a strategy to recognize and respond appropriately to your triggers. One way of doing so is creating and memorizing a “script” which you can recite when emotionally triggered.

3. Make Remote Work, Work: Coordinate a system of intermittent collaboration to maintain resilience in the workplace. Set a few hour blocks to work together, attend constructive meetings or to simply respond to questions that teams working remotely may have.

4. Empower Your Culture Carriers: Identify and empower those who embody the work culture, the company values and who also go above and beyond in your organization.

5. Master the Art: Draw from your previous resilient experiences, so you can learn new ideas and adapt for adverse situations in the future. Be open to sharing your ideas with others who are experiencing similar challenges or who are simply looking to grow.

6. Rethink Your Return: Leaders should customize the experiences of their organizations to keep their teams motivated and ready to work. As everyone returns back to the office, ask your colleagues what ideas and norms can be scaled at large or done away to help build resilience?

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Adam Grant

Adam Grant

An organizational psychologist and Wharton’s top-rated professor, Adam Grant is a deeply original thinker and one of today’s most influential business advisors. Researching motivation and meaningful work, he has constructed pioneering studies on workplace dynamics, formulating unique ideas that are backed by data-driven management science and case studies. His highly rational approach is valued by organizations who want help figuring out whom to hire, how to keep employees motivated, and how to build a healthy workplace culture. Grant’s insights have been developed into a quartet of blockbuster books: Give and Take, Originals, Option B and Power Moves. His latest book, THINK AGAIN: The Power of Knowing What You Don’t Know, was released in early 2021.

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