Big Opportunity, Small Window

Can you guess the number one reason executives do not get that ideal opportunity? It may shock you.

men-looking-out-windowThe executive level is unique in that the supply and demand is not in your favor. There are fewer opportunities above 250K than below and these opportunities are not “a dime a dozen.”

As an executive, your competition is not the unemployed. Your competition is the well-qualified. Executives do not get recruited based on availability but rather qualification. Just because you decide to go on a job search does not mean opportunities appear. The odds are more likely that an opportunity will show up when you are not even looking.

I have recruited through three recessions, and I have noticed that the senior level people who are always in demand, despite the economic climate, are the ones who are always ready. When an opportunity knocks, the window for that opportunity can be very small to get in.

Sometimes it is chance encounter with a big PE executive or an executive recruiter reaches out to you – those windows can be as short as 24 hrs.

The odds are more likely that an opportunity will show up when you are not even looking.

Day in and day out, there is always a lot on our plates. There are lots of priorities screaming for our attention. Only about 1% of the people I talked to have truly prioritized always being ready even when things are going great and there is no sign of a storm ahead.

ANSWER: The number one reason executives do not get that next ideal opportunity is because they were not ready when it knocked.

ABR: Always Be Ready


Saundra Botts

Saundra Botts

Saundra is known for “opening doors” and has also facilitated Job Search and Transition Workshops for universities, FENG (Financial Executive Networking Group), and various executive leadership groups. Her depth of experience includes has over 15 years in Retained Search and contingency placement within corporate accounting and finance sector with First Call Search, Dubin & Lee and WinterWyman Search. Saundra has consulted with clients, ranging from start-ups to multi-billion-dollar conglomerates. She has worked with $12 billion companies building accounting and finance teams, succession planning, and hiring, as well as filling key positions at many medium-sized, publicly-traded companies; non-profits; and universities in Boston, Miami and Los Angeles.

Saundra provides strategic guidance and coaching to help ExecuNet members land their next opportunity. This includes uncovering their unique personal value proposition and defining competitive differentiators to advance their careers. This also includes providing detailed feedback for improving a member’s personal marketing collateral—well beyond their résumé.

Saundra Botts is an ex-Headhunter turned executive candidate advocate who shares the behind-the-scenes truths on how executives really get their next job. Mrs. Botts has recruited through three recessions and has researched and documented why some people remain in demand, despite the economic climate, and others are not. In 2008, during an economic downturn, she noticed that executives get hired for different reasons than the other 97% of the org chart and began to educate her executive clientele to get them working again quickly.

After working for the top search firm in Boston, WinterWyman Search, and running her own Retained Search Agency, Saundra decided to take the inside information she’d acquired and use it to help executive professionals, most of whom are embarking of their first-ever job search, understand the differences in job search strategy when you make over $200K annually to avoid wasting time, avoid exploiting valuable network connections, and land their ideal role.

Saundra’s passion is to open doors and educate, to help everyone make the career of their dreams a reality.

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