Beyond PR: How to Communicate Like a Champ in the Digital Age

businessman-crossing-finish-line-Chery-Snapp-ConnorNo matter how well you communicate now, Cheryl Snapp Conner has a bold promise to make: You can communicate better! And by doing so, you can strengthen your career and watch your business blossom through the words you speak and write, your personal values and the presentations you make.

Cheryl is a thought leader in the field of communications and popular contributor. In this Master Class presentation, she shows you the real secret to success in business, your career and in life is good, clear communication. Specifically, you’ll learn howtodevelop a resonating message, persuade even your biggest critics, and most of all, get the results you want. 

Through her expanded approach, Cheryl helps executives and organizations build relationships, grow profits, do more good in the world and experience success – again and again. Check out the recording of this Master Class to learn how you can, too.


Cheryl Snapp Conner

Cheryl Snapp Conner

Cheryl Snapp Conner, Founder and CEO of Snapp Conner PR, is a thought leader in the field of communications. She is author of the Forbes eBook Beyond PR: How to Communicate Like a Champ in the Digital World.

Since 2013 she has been a popular contributor to Entrepreneurs and has also been published and featured in leading national publications including Huffington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

From the inception of her career she has led out in the direction of PR and communications programs for companies ranging from early-stage startups to Fortune 1000 organizations such as Altiris/Symantec, Lexmark, O.C. Tanner Institute and Novell. Her organization, thought leadership and PR company, Snapp Conner PR, assists organizations and executives throughout the world by setting the bar for innovative and authentic communication that increases effectiveness and understanding and drives business growth.

When she is not writing and speaking on communications and entrepreneurship, Snapp Conner enjoys fitness, fashion, and spending time in her Highland, UT neighborhood with husband Vic, five children, four stepchildren, and three grandchildren, Kaylee, William, and Isabelle Dawn.

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William Flamme

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