Ben Zander: The Art of Possibility

Ben ZanderThere are two worlds, and it is our choice which one we choose to live in. The first is “downward spiral” and the normal life we live consisting of competition, pressure and limits. The second world is expansive and “radiates possibilities.”

Ben Zander, an acclaimed teacher, visionary and the conductor of the Boston Philharmonic Orchestra brought this message to the Radio City Music Hall’s stage at the World Business Forum in New York City. Zander, author of The Art of Possibility, believes that we often find ourselves in the “downward spiral” but can open the world of possibilities with a change of language and a new viewpoint.

Even as a conductor (the last bastion of totalitarianism), Zander challenges the “old style” of top down, hierarchical management with the need for a “new style” of engaging people and teams in a vision and direction while encouraging them forward. Your job as a leader is “to awaken the possibilities in others - and “to remind the players of what the rhythm of transformation is.” It is not to tell them what to do or think.

You will know that you are succeeding “if their eyes are shining,” said Zander. Teams that are exploring the possibilities are positive, challenging and engaging. Team members will exhibit energy and openness to challenge their limits and open the possibilities. As a leader, if you are not “seeing their shining eyes,” ask yourself “who am I being that is limiting them from the possibilities?”

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William Flamme

William Flamme

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