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Do You Know What Matters Most in Leadership and Hiring Leaders?

I was listening to Jack Welch, and he gave good advice on how to hire the best person for the job and what to look for. It wasn't too surprising at first... but then he added a final thought on what's really important that changed my view. Jack started ...
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What Advice Would You Give an Incoming CEO?

What advice would you give an incoming CEO? It's astounding how one simple question can be the catalyst for some highly informed and very relevant dialogue about one of the most critical challenges any organization will face - that is, how to effectively ...
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Take the First Step Toward Controlling Your Career Destiny

The recent surge in the number of independent professionals in the US is evidence of a fundamental workplace shift. The traditional workplace structure, where employees work for the same employer for over 20 years, is disappearing. Do you understand the new ...
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