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The Power of Forgiveness

On 6th September, a long newscycle ago, a policewoman (Amber Guyger, 31) walked into an apartment. Mistaking the abode for hers she shot a man, blankly as he sat unaware of her unease, on the sofa. Through fear for her own life, Guyger opened fire and killed ...
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Startup Leaders and the Growing Workplace Toxicity in the Tech Community

The business world is on the lookout for the next tech hero to appear. They’re on the hunt for the likes of Gates and Zuckerberg who have rocked the world with their innovations and have propelled mankind into integrating technology with our daily lives. ...
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Flat Organisations and Employee Retention

Flatter organisations are better at creating more transparent work environments. Communication across and between departments and teams are quicker and generally better than in traditional hierarchical structures. They are also perceived to be less "bureauc...
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