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Be Prepared With 60-second Responses

Executives need to have well-developed communication skills, to run their company, to network, and interview effectively for future opportunities. World-renowned author, keynote speaker and communications strategist Sam Horn has coached the world’s top ...
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TALKING ON EGGSHELLS: What to Say When Every Second Counts

Have you ever struggled to find the right words, especially when you’re in a really challenging or tricky situation? What if you always knew exactly what to say and not to say – in interviews, meetings, presentations, and hard conversations? A member ...
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Talking on Eggshells?

Does it feel like you're talking on eggshells these days? You're not alone. A report from McKinsey says, "Rudeness is on the rise and incivility is getting worse." As one woman said, "It feels like I can't say anything right. It seems everyone's on edge. ...
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