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The Right Stuff – A Look Inside Innovative Teams

What does it mean to truly "innovative?" The term has become a cliché with so many ordinary products being advertised as innovative. Even the construction mess at the Atlanta Hartsfield airport has a billboard that advertises "innovation at work." Really!?...
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Getting Back into Your Creative Groove

How do you become more creative on the job, at home, or in general? Why is it that other people, not you, come up with truly great ideas? Part I of this topic introduced a profile of traits commonly associated with creative people. As a reference, it provided ...
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The Evolution of Customer Loyalty (Part II)

How do you separate the truly great from the good companies, or the good from the bad? In Part I of this topic, I addressed several problems associated with poor customer service and outlined three high-level recommendations. In this post, I offer additio...
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