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5-Step Guide on How to Feel Your Feelings

 Identify Take time to slow down and identify your emotions. Using the Feelings Wheel can help you identify what you are feeling, come to terms with the feelings, and ultimately, become more self-aware and self-compassionate. Feel Give yourself the ...
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Men’s Guide to Practicing Self-Love

Tune Out Negativity This is a great first step to improving self-love. You should let the desire of being true to yourself outweigh the desire to fit the mold of what others want you to be. Here are two things that you can start doing now. Reevaluate ...
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How to Listen to Your Male Friend or Partner

For a man to share some of his softer and emotional sides he needs to make the decision on his own. Don't make demands. Demanding emotional support is only going to shut him down. Slowdown When the man finally opens up, just listen, Don't provide solutions, ...
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