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Empowerment is Not Enough – Go for Agency Instead

Employee empowerment has the wind in its sails, but it also has certain limitations. Agency, however, goes much further in the development of your employees. Definition of "Empowerment" In the sphere of management and organizational theory, “empowerme...
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Benevolent Leadership: What are the Benefits and Disadvantages?

Have you ever heard of benevolent leadership? I did. According to my findings, it seems to be a movement that was created to counteract the traditional way of managing people. I couldn’t find any official approach or behaviour, it is simply adopted by ...
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The Power of Your Point of No Return

"Such a great potential! But he hasn't suffered enough yet." This is a conclusion that my friend Maurice and I would sometimes draw after meeting some people who gravitate around us. You know, those sincere people who are full of good will, who believe in ...
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