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Private Equity vs. Traditional CEO

A heads-up to directors: Sure, private equity and public company chief executives carry some of the same DNA and title, yet the operating and expectation differences can be huge—and capable of creating a fireball. Shareholder vs. Shareholders Not having ...
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Why PE Firms Create Boards for Portfolio Companies—Voluntarily

There are 3,671 public companies with $500 million-plus in revenues in the United States—half the number as in 1996, according to a Nov. 17, 2017, Wall Street Journal op-ed piece. In contrast, private equity (PE) has quietly exploded, with an estimated ...
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The Private Equity CEO vs. the Traditional CEO

Sure, they carry the same DNA and title. But the operating and expectation differences can be huge and capable of creating a fireball; heads up to headhunters. The Shareholder vs. the Shareholders Not having the ongoing management of the shareholders is a ...
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