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5 Tips for Giving Tough Feedback to Executives

Beware the vacuum of truth. Candid feedback is rare, but essential for executives to succeed. There’s a phenomenon that occurs as executives work their way to the top: No one tells them the truth anymore. As leaders gain more authority, people around ...
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What We Can Learn From Apple on the Importance of IQ vs EQ for Executives

In 1985, one of the biggest executive showdowns in history became public when Apple’s board of directors was forced to take sides between then-CEO John Sculley or founder Steve Jobs. Most of us know the outcome: Jobs was ousted, while Sculley continued to ...
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Fail Forward

For six years, the mid-level product line manager had been on a roll. Under his leadership, unit performance was up, under-performing products had turned around, and his team was highly engaged and producing big results. Upper-level executives were enchanted ...
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