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What About the Fourth Human Revolution?

Look at any current business trends reports and we are quickly taken to various forms of "fourth…revolutions." They may be industrial, digital, global but very few refer to the fourth human revolution. In fact, many that I’ve read leave the human factor ...
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Work: The Powerhouse of Personal Growth and Meaning

Attending the 8th Meaning conference in Brighton provided a space for me to ponder more deeply on the link between meaning, work, and self-realization. I fully get that for many people the idea of work as a place where they might find meaning in their life ...
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Is Self-Management a Realistic Goal for Organizations?

Frederik Laloux introduced the Organizational Development world to the phrase "Self-Management" as one of the three pillars of his model for "reinventing organizations" outlined in his excellent book of the same name. The other two are "Evolutionary Purpose" ...
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