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5 Simple Secrets to Conquer Loneliness

Probably 80% of the people I spoke with last week told me they've been feeling lonely. That’s pretty interesting because most of them are living with multiple people while in isolation. I have heard so many times from many of you, over years and years, ...
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Unexpected Consequences of Social Distancing

Have you been walking down the street lately, keeping at least six feet away from other people, and feeling like you’re a leper, a social undesirable, or the town’s local outcast? Have you been suffering these unexpected consequences of social distancing? ...
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13 Must-Do’s to Defy Coronavirus Isolation

1. Shower and Shave. Every day. You didn’t know it but you were showering for other people and you gained the unrealized benefit of feeling  like you’re “On Your Game.” For the next three to six months, shower for the benefit of yourself. Set your ...
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