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Be an Authentic Communicator: Six Rules

Recently, I searched on Google for “the importance of communication in business” and found about 70 million results. But when I searched for “the importance of authentic communication in business,” I found over 130 million results. Renowned CEO ...
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Power Connecting for Success: Five Radical Rules

Most folks are shy around strangers. Some are not. Recently, waiting in line for a movie, I talked with the couple ahead of me. We laughed about people (like us) who want to be first in a theater to claim choice seats. They introduced themselves, Ned and ...
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General George Washington and P.T.S.D.

The commander-in-chief of America’s Continental Army was alleged to have never told a lie.  If this is true, what might George Washington have said about using the term “PTSD” to describe our veterans? First, some background:  The acronym PTSD, ...
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