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When New Executives Should Color Outside the Lines

Whether you're a rebel or a rule follower, when you step into a new executive role there will certainly be some points of organizational culture that you don't agree with. When that happens, should you go against the grain? Or should you look to build ...
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3 Crucial Questions You Keep Forgetting to Ask on Job Interviews

Here's the thing about that company where you just had a job interview: It's kind of like the household in which you grew up. Not in the sense that you can watch a half-hour of TV after dinner, but in the more general sense that it's got its own culture—...
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New Executive Role? Here’s How to Get Your Good Ideas Accepted

You're new to an executive-level role — congratulations! You're probably a mixture of excited, nervous and terrified. This is for good reason, as about 40 percent of executives fail in their first 18 months in a new role, according to an oft-cited study by ...
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