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Building a Culture on Strengths

We've all heard how Zappos, Google, and Southwest are dreams to work for because of their stellar company cultures. Recently, the Oregon Business Journal published its 25th annual list of 100 Best Companies to Work For. One of the characteristics these ...
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Are You a Manager or a Leader?

The client sitting across the table sipped his coffee and leveled a stare at me. “What I need,” he said, "is not more leaders. I need followers that will follow and managers that will manage." When I asked him to expand a bit on this, here was his ...
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First We Run, Then We Walk: Moving From Entrepreneur to Professional

You've spent years slogging through the exciting-yet-terrifying startup stage. Growth has been phenomenal. Key initial funding sources came in with just the right amount of money and resources to keep the lights on and you’ve been able to attract the best ...
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