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5 Special Operations Skills That Enable Digital Business Innovation

Highly skilled soldiers lurking through the pitch dark of night and a business creating better products and services for customers with digital tools appear to be completely unrelated.  When we look closer at the skills that Special Operations Forces (SOF) ...
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The Most Telling Leadership Trait of a Great Leader

How do you truly measure the quality of a leader? History books and the official doctrine of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines would say that a leader is measured by their rank, the number of command assignments, combat deployments, their awards, and ...
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Army Leadership Lessons: Build a Deep Bench – Develop Leaders Three Levels Down

Within my first six years in the US Army, I had been a member of four different Battalions (around 700 soldiers organized into four sub-units), been a member of two combat arms branches, evaluated leaders from six different battalions, and been across the ...
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