Does Age Bias Come into Play When One is Looking to Join a VC or PE Firm?

aaa-ribbon-execunetselectAge bias is an issue in corporate America, but how real is it when one is looking into the private equity world?

There are some differences when you’re interviewing in this world. We have an industry insider in our community who explained it all in a clear, straightforward manner: Jeff Hyman, a four-time CEO who raised $55 million in Venture Capital and served as Operating Partner for one of Chicago’s preeminent private equity firms. He’s an award-winning PE and VC headhunter, professor at Kellogg School of Management, and author of the bestselling book Recruit Rockstars.

Jeff is a well-known and very popular figure in the ExecuNet community. The CEO of Recruit Rockstars and one of our original ExecuNetSelect Recruiting Partners, routinely shares his thought leadership with us in some of our best Master Class sessions, interviews, and articles. Here’s his take on age bias, bias in general, and private equity.

William Flamme

William Flamme

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