Achieving a State of Flow at Work


Do you ever feel like your mind is a million miles away? You can watch someone in a meeting who is “somewhere else,” and they have a far-away, glassy look to the eye. You know they are not hearing a word of what is being said. They may be with you physically, but their minds are somewhere else, thinking about some meeting, worrying about that errand or trying to figure out what someone meant by a passing comment.

Contrast that with a time you were so immersed in an activity that time just stood still? Your stomach suddenly growls, and you look up at the clock to discover you worked right over your lunch hour and didn’t notice! You were totally immersed in what you were experiencing or doing.

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Laura Stack

Laura Stack

Laura Stack is America's premier expert in personal productivity. For over 20 years, her speeches and seminars have helped professionals, leaders, teams, and organizations improve output, execute efficiently, and save time at work. She's the author or coauthor of 10 books, most recently, What to Do When There's Too Much to Do. To invite Laura to speak at your next meeting or register for her free weekly newsletter, visit

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