Accountability in Leadership and Organizations

What one single behavior is most often neglected or avoided among leaders? Taking charge? No. Seeing the big picture? Nope. Setting strategy, empowering people or driving execution? No again. It’s accountability.

Everyone talks about it. Presidential candidates debate it. Leaders want it. Employees are often afraid of it. Stakeholders insist on it. But exactly what is it, how do we get people to take it, and most important, how can we as leaders make accountability a REAL process — NOT just a management buzzword — to dramatically improve performance and the results of our organizations?

A select group of ExecuNet members – company founders, CEOs and Vice Presidents – gathered recently for breakfast in Shelton, CT, to workshop these and other issues in a discussion with trusted leadership advisor and business coach, Peter Bregman. Here’s the recording of that event:

  • (02:31) A sobering truth about accountability
  • (04:58) Controlling people doesn’t work – but this approach does
  • (10:44) Accountability is not a confession: A critical look at CEOs
  • (16:09) Being held responsible is not the same as being accountable
  • (22:56) Giving up control leads to accountability
  • (35:00) The bagel story: A lesson in shattering silos
  • (40:09) The role of feedback in creating accountability
  • (46:26) Summing it all up: An accountability process

Anthony Vlahos

Anthony Vlahos

Tony Vlahos is the Chief Marketing Officer of ExecuNet. Since 2014, he has hosted the original web series ExecuNet Master Class. Tony interviews the world’s top business thinkers, writers, and leaders.

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