How Do You Accelerate Your Analysis?

Not too long ago from the ivory tower to the front lines it was straightforward to do analysis. We all came from the same place, the same schools, and we used the same language. We were the same kind of people meeting at  the same table. It’s very different today. Today, we are global teams, diverse communities doing group analysis for the global market. We are now so very different, coming from different schools of thought, using different  bodies of knowledge, and different business language.

Today we are facing new challenges with our analysis; challenges most of us are unprepared for. We need to rise above what we do now, and improve how we analyze as a group. All effective analysis methodologies follow the same pattern, may they be in engineering, law, or the humanities. By recognizing and following this pattern we can sharpen our competitive edge, fast-track our analysis and mold our culture to transition to data-driven organizations, organizations where Big Data, data science, and artificial intelligence are the norm.

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Originally published at Bizcatalyst360

Chris Pehura

Chris Pehura

DATA-centric Executive Management. Chris is a management consultant with a data emphasis helping Fortune 100/1000 companies strategically evolve and reinvent their businesses to maximize their revenue growth. Through realignment, to overhauls, to rebuilding things from the top down and ground up, he integrates and solidifies leaders, strategies, and solutions into all aspects of the organization. Strategies and solutions include data, business intelligence, Big Data, competitive intelligence, chief data officers, and data offices. Twitter:

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