7 Top Recruiting Challenges Right Now – And How to Overcome Them


On July 1st ExecuNet hosted a summit of  a few hundred recruiters led by ExecuNetSelect Recruiting Partner Barbara Bruno, an internationally recognized recruiting expert who trains talent acquisition professionals to be more successful and less stressed by the challenges that come from searching for elite talent. She is the author of High-Tech High-Touch Recruiting: How to Attract and Retain the Best Talent by Improving the Candidate Experience. 

In the summit, the 7 recruiting challenges that search professionals are currently having the most difficulty with  are addressed and participants were blown away, calling the insights provided, “valuable and concise”; “very helpful and can improve the skill set of recruiters”; “very to the point, helpful tips included, offered solutions”; and “Barb Bruno is the best recruiting trainer I’ve seen.”

If you’d like access to Barbara Bruno’s expert recruiting insights in the recording of 7 Top Recruiting Challenges Right Now – And How to Overcome Them so you can take your recruiting to the next level, reach out to us!

The 7 Big Challenges Recruiters Are Facing Right Now:

  1. Current Candidate Realities: You’ve got to change the way you’re interacting with candidates.
  2. No-shows or Ghosting: How to get your candidates invested in showing up.
  3. No-starts or Offer Turndowns: Did you know you’re part of the problem?
  4. Counteroffers: Learn to know when they will accept one.
  5. Engagement: You have responsibilities you don’t know about.
  6. Retention: If you’re not doing what she advises here…you’re missing a big opportunity!
  7. Flexibility and Growth: Workplace expectations have changed due to the pandemic.

“The #1 mistake recruiters are making right now is pitching jobs too early. Top talent is tired of being pitched.” –Barbara Bruno