6 Ways to Identify Your Core Passion and Build a Lucrative Career Around It

follow-your-passion-compass-Kathy CaprinoRecently it was my birthday, and when that day comes each year, I try to do a few things well: spend it with people I adore, reflect back on the year and see clearly the key lessons I need to learn from it, and finally, relish what’s appeared in my life and be grateful for it.

Towards that end, I’m deeply thankful for not only the achievements and happy experiences, but also the terribly hard pitfalls that tripped me up and pushed me to my knees, as these ultimately cleared the pathway to what I really enjoy doing in my life and work. Transforming from a very unhappy 18-year corporate career to a highly fulfilling life as a career coach, writer and business owner, I’ve learned that it can be very hard to see things clearly for yourself – and take empowered action — when you’re lost in the muck and the mud.

Of all the questions I receive from folks desperately longing to change careers, the one that stumps them the most is this: “Kathy, how do I figure out what I love to do, then build a lucrative career around it?”

After all, we all want to do what we’re passionate about, but we don’t want to go broke and lose everything pursuing it.

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Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino

Kathy Caprino currently runs a leadership and career success coaching and consulting firm focused on the advancement of women. A trained therapist and coach, Kathy has had the pleasure of working with over 10,000 emerging women leaders at Fortune 100 companies, national women's conferences, non-profits, academia and startups. Kathy has also served as a graduate instructor for New York University and career trainer for Mediabistro. She blogs for Forbes, Huffington Post, AARP's Life Reimagined and her own Ellia Communications career blog. Kathy is the author of Breakdown, Breakthrough: The Professional Woman's Guide to Claiming a Life of Passion, Power and Purpose. You can reach Kathy at www.elliacommunications.com, Amazing Career Project, and connect on Twitter @kathycaprino, Facebook, LinkedIn, and on Google+.

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