6 Key Reasons to Utilize an Executive Recruiter to Fill Higher Level Roles

candidate-compasThere are admittedly many lower level positions that a company can and should fill themselves, without utilizing the services of an Executive Recruiter. Director level and above roles, however, greatly benefit from having a professional Executive Recruiter conduct an extensive, deep search, strategically targeting potential candidates, and delivering them to the hiring manager’s attention.

The following are six key factors for having a professional search consultant handle searches for Executive and Director level roles within your company:

1) The minute you let people know of an opening within your firm, management and board members will be bombarded with calls, asking for an interview and ultimately the role. This places extreme pressure on everyone involved.

2) Conventional wisdom states that it is never wise to let customers know of a change in leadership. This is why you never see ads generated by publicly traded companies themselves for C level roles…ever …. for the simple fact that they do not want to alarm their customers about the stability of the company. In fact, when we conduct Director level and higher searches for publicly traded companies, we typically have to sign paperwork assuring our confidentiality of the search, because of the concern of the news leaking prior to the official change and the negative reaction among shareholders.

3) The logistics of conducting the search yourself. You will be flooded with resumes and the time it takes to go through each one, can be overwhelming.

4) Simply posting an ad will not bring the best candidates to your attention. The reason companies hire executive recruiters is because by simply posting an ad, you will find that the unhappy and unemployed pursue help wanted ads, and the true star performers that are in the trenches, doing the job, are not taking the time to look at job postings. It takes a professional recruiter to strategically target very specific skill sets and then approach those candidates, finding out what they are looking for, etc., and then deliver them to your interview table.

5) The chances of having a top performer from a direct competitor applying to an ad is slim to none. However, these are exactly the types of candidates that professional recruiters target and deliver for their clients’ review.

6) Professional recruiters can also help in negotiating job offers, identifying any concerns or questions that the candidate may not be comfortable in asking you directly. We will also dis-engage applicants that apply that do not end up with the job. This is a delicate situation and that service alone is well worth our fee.

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

Ann Zaslow-Rethaber

A recruiter since 1996, Ann Zaslow-Rethaber is the president of International Search Consultants, a global executive recruiting firm launched in 1999.

ISC has become one of the country’s most reputable search firms, earning more recommendations on Linked In than any other 3rd party recruiting agency in the entire country. With a team of 15 talented recruiters, utilizing the very best high- tech tools available, ISC can produce highly qualified candidates for companies with hi-volume recruiting needs.

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