5 Recruiting Tips That Are Proven Effective

Finding the right candidate for essential roles within the company is a challenge. Getting it right the first time helps keep the business flowing smoothly and ensures the new hire gets the hang of their role faster.

women-around-tableSo, how can you take action to make sure you get the most qualified candidates that work well into the fabric of your brand? Do you need HR recruitment software or perhaps a new way to interview potential candidates? Consider using these five tips to help guide the process and help you get the perfect person for your next open position. 

1. Consult Your Employees

One of the best ways to find the right candidate for the job is to consult with your current employees who directly work with the person filling the position. Find out what talents and skills the right person needs to work seamlessly with others in the same role or in a position that works directly with that individual.

You can discover what personality traits and education the new hire needs to be successful by taking this action. You can also find out about any previous unproductive experiences and make sure the new hire is aware of what to do and not do to be a good fit for the brand. 

Consider the feedback you receive from individuals who work for the company in essential roles – paying particular attention to those who excel at their position. This information can help make the selection process much more manageable. 

2. Only List the Skills the Job Requires

Rather than list a long section about the attributes and education you would like to see in a candidate, opt to put the essential skills only. During the interview, you can find out more about less relevant skills and attributes to help you make the final decision once you have some potential matches with the proper skills and training.

Make sure these essential skills are verifiable and that the person applying for the position is up to date on the latest practices with that skill. You might want to clarify how those attributes fit into the job itself once you have the interview. This process helps weed out the candidates to have a pool of talent that can perform the job. 

3. Use an Applicant Tracking System

Incorporating the applicant tracking system into your HR process is a great way to keep up with applications and talent. You can filter through candidates by skills or by education. Additionally, you can store that information for use later as the position open. This HR recruitment software allows you to keep and also index applications for custom needs. 

Another great feature of this HR recruitment software is that it allows you to see specific details regarding applicant submissions, such as where they found your information about the job opening. Knowing where to focus your efforts makes the process easier and ensures the best pool of candidates. 

4. Leverage Resources Properly 

There are many ways to recruit potential candidates, but knowing where to look is a great way to be more effective. Certain methods and platforms are more productive than others, depending on which type of candidate you want. For example, if you’re going to hire a recent graduate with less experience, consider checking out your social media options. For example, LinkedIn is an excellent resource for finding candidates with the qualifications you need or desire.

For those currently filling positions or have extensive experience, you might try using a more traditional job board or specialized professional service that seeks the most qualified candidates for specific roles within a company. 

5. Optimize the Interview Process

There are a few things you can do to streamline the interview process. First, you’ll want to harness the power of hiring managers and HR employees. Each has a unique insight into the ideal candidate and attributes they need to fit into the company culture or with your brand. Find out what the positions demands and what type of person is the best option.

Create an interview template for that position and have the hiring manager add content that helps determine if the potential candidate possesses the qualities necessary to succeed. Create an interview template for each position and take an all-hands-on-deck approach. Allowing multiple qualified employees to help ensure the best overall decision. 


There are a few ways to make searching for the right candidate for open positions more productive. Consider using a few or all of these methods to help streamline the process and get the right professional on board with your internal teams. The more effort you put into searching for the right candidate, the better the outcome for the company. If you haven’t overhauled your hiring process or incorporated HR recruitment software yet, now is the time to consider rethinking your methods so your brand can compete and grow. 

Grey Idol

Grey Idol

Grey is the Director of Marketing for altLINE by The Southern Bank. With 10 years of experience in digital marketing, content creation, and small business operations, he helps businesses find the information they need to make informed decisions about invoice factoring and alternative financing.

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