5 Hot Logo Design Trends for 2019

designA logo is the visual centerpiece of a company’s brand identity.

When you set aside design trends and styles, at its core, a logo must:

1- Embody your brand.

2- Be instantly recognizable.

3- Be versatile.

4- Be timeless.

Everything else is optional.

A well-designed logo will help boost awareness and can improve your marketing and bottom line. A poorly designed logo, or one that has outgrown your brand, can tarnish your brand.

Social media optimized logos, simplistic letter play, swooshy people, pixelated designs, and bright colors were popular logo design trends in 2018.

Whether you’re looking for a logo design for a new business or considering a rebrand, your logo design in 2019 should feel fresh and relevant for a long time, and not dated a year from now.

Here are 5 modern logo design trends and styles we’ll see in 2019.

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1. Responsive Design Logos

Whether you print your logo on marketing brochures, outdoor billboards, product packaging, on your website, on a business card, or as an icon on a smartphone, you want your logo to be flexible and usable in different situations.

This is called responsive design.

Here’s a site that lets you play with famous logos and see how they respond to different screen sizes.

How does your company’s logo change based on screen or display size?

2. Cut Typography

Typography plays a huge role in logo design.

The font you choose showcases personality by visually representing the tenor and tone of what you’re talking about. You may find that your purpose is best met by using a font with a vibrant personality or using a combination of sans and serif typefaces.

In 2018 we saw companies invest time and money to create custom fonts for their brands: Netflix debuted Netflix Sans, Uber got their Move on, and Airbnb poured themselves a bowl full of Cereal.

We’ll continue to see this trend grown in 2019 as companies reject available fonts and create their own.

For companies that don’t have the budget (or interest) to create their own custom typeface, another type-based trend is gaining popularity.

Called “Cut”, this trend sees brands taking type and literally cutting part of it away, leaving behind something new.

Logo design by subur/crowdspring


Logo design by Bingo/crowdspring

It’s a simple but effective technique that reshapes how type is used in logo and brand design.

But be sure that your company name is readable once you cut the font. After all, you can’t create awareness and loyalty with your brand identity if people don’t know the name of your business.

3. 80s and 90s Styles

“What’s old is new again” is a trend we see every year.

In 2018, the 80s were on-trend, and this continues into 2019 with one change: This time, the 90s are along for the ride.

The pastel shades of the 80s are joined this year by bolder colors that defined the decade of Lisa Frank, the Spice Girls, and Mary-Kate and Ashley.
Logo designers mine the past for colors, typefaces, and styles and then add a unique twist, bringing a modern feel to something brimming with nostalgia.

If you want to anchor your logo design in something wistful, take a look at brands inspired by the 80s and 90s.

One way to be sure this style works for you is to ask your graphic designer to show you some mock-ups with your logo on items.

Many graphic designers are now providing mocked-up visuals of their logo designs on a t-shirt, business cards, business brochures, stationery, web design, infographic, etc.

4. Minimalist Text

Minimalism still holds center court in 2019.

The need to use logos on a variety of platforms and interfaces makes this trend an appealing one, and it’s easy to understand the staying power minimalism has had in recent years.

Text-based logos with minimal typography and the occasional supporting graphic allow businesses a great deal of flexibility.

Whether geometric, colorful, monochrome or subtly illustrated, minimalist, text-based logos are easy on the eyes and easy to adapt.

Logo design by vovking/crowdspring

Logo design by Hennyca/crowdspring

By using only the brand’s name in a design, these logos translate smoothly on business cards, websites, apparel, and anywhere else our minimalist hearts can dream up.

5. Geometric Shapes

Logos are, at their cores, symbols. Geometric shapes can work as powerful, memorable symbols. As we wrote, “Geometric shapes of all kinds look man-made. Mathematically precise squares, perfect circles, and isosceles triangles don’t tend to appear in nature. So, using these shapes communicates a sense of order and power.”

Logo design by subur/crowdspring

Logo design by IM3D/crowdspring


Logo design by AlexandraKovacs/crowdspring

With bright color choices and invitingly arranged shapes, the geometry trend is both minimalist and friendly.

Are you ready to embrace logo design trends and styles in 2019?

Logo design trends and styles offer a great way to breathe life into your brand. However, as with anything, it’s important to exercise caution. You don’t want to carelessly update your brand for the sake of trendiness and wind up with a logo that doesn’t resonate with your business or market. When you’re looking through 2019′s logo design trends, make sure that trend represents your brand thoughtfully, and can be integrated into the rest of your existing branding.

Amanda Bowman

Amanda Bowman

Amanda Bowman works in customer service at crowdspring, one of the world’s leading marketplaces for crowdsourced logo design, web design, graphic design, product design, and company naming services. Amanda helps guide crowdspring customers through the easy process of obtaining affordable, high-quality custom artwork and content for their business.

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